Uav hyperspectral remote sensing for efficient crop phenotype analysis

May 25, 2024
Latest company news about Uav hyperspectral remote sensing for efficient crop phenotype analysis

一、 Background


In the face of challenges such as food shortages, population growth and climate change, increasing crop yields is an urgent need. Crop phenotype analysis provides valuable information for improving yield by deeply understanding the relationship between crop growth and environment.


二、Problems with traditional methods:
The traditional vehicle-mounted platform has some problems in sample testing and crop character parameter determination, such as time and effort, limited space coverage, etc., which limits the development of crop science research.


三、the application of UAV hyperspectral remote sensing in the field of agriculture

Color Spectrum Technology's unmanned Hyperspectral Measurement System (FS-60) provides an efficient and accurate solution for crop phenotyping.


Here are the key features and applications of the technology:

1. Uav Hyperspectral Measurement System (FS-60) : FS-60 of color spectrum technology is a high-throughput near-earth remote sensing phenotype platform, which has high flexibility, low cost and wide spatial coverage, and becomes an effective way to obtain field phenotype information.


2. System composition and characteristics:

Dji M350RTK is adopted as the flight bearing platform.

Ultra-high-speed spectral scanning imaging devices with high signal-to-noise ratio provide highly stable spectral image acquisition.


Self-developed high-efficiency and low-power image processing algorithm, which prolongs the flight time of the whole machine and reduces the power consumption of the system.

Operating wavelength range of 400 to 1000nm with high spectral and spatial resolution, high sensitivity and high signal-to-noise ratio.


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3. Application scenario

The system can measure the spectral image information of plants, water bodies, soil and other ground objects in real time, which is widely used in precision agriculture, crop growth and yield assessment, forest pest monitoring and fire prevention monitoring, coastline and Marine environment monitoring, lake and watershed environmental monitoring and other fields.


4. Crop phenotype analysis

The normalized vegetation index (NDVI) and plant Aging Reflex index (PSRI) can be evaluated by collecting spectral data of wheat at different periods. These indicators can be used to judge crop nitrogen requirements, guide fertilizer application and determine harvest time.


四、Value and application Prospect:

Uav hyperspectral measurement system has high value and broad application prospect in agricultural production. Its high spectral resolution helps to detect pests and diseases early and monitor their evolution on crops, providing strong support for the protection and prediction of crop growth.

Through the use of color spectrum technology UAV hyperspectral measurement system, agricultural researchers can be more comprehensive, more in-depth understanding of crop growth conditions, providing powerful tools and data support for scientific decision-making in agricultural production.