Print Colour Tester for Labels Color Quality Control

September 26, 2018
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Labels or tags are commonly seen in our daily life. In the production process of the labels, the customer will give a sample as a target or give a pantone color number. Then they will ask the label manufacturer to make a sample. After the sample is made, the label manufacturer will compare the sample with target or pantone color number and let the customer confirm it.


After the sample is confirmed, then manufacturer will start mass production. Today, we will introduce how print colour tester CS-600C can help to check color on labels.


Measurement Condition

1. Mode: Reflectance

2. Light Source and Angle: D65/10 degree

3. Parameters need to Measure: color value CIE L*a*b and △E

4. Instrument Model: CS-600C Print Colour Tester


Test Method

1. Prepare the instrument and samples. Do black and white calibration for the instrument.


Print Colour Tester 1


Print Colour Tester Sample

Print Colour Tester


2. Put the instrument on the sample, then press test, we can see the test result color value CIE-lab value directly on instrument screen.


Print Colour Tester 2

Test Result 1


3. Press “menu” we can enter into sample measurement interface, press “test” we can see the sample color lab value and the color difference between it and the sample.


Print Colour Tester test result

Test Result Meaning


Print colour tester CS-600C also has another function. After measure the sample, it can help to find 3 pantone color number from its library which can save customer’s time on find color number from pantone color swatches.


Print Colour Tester 3

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