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September 26, 2018
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color matching software 3


Computer color matching system includes spectrophotometer and color matching software. Spectrophotometer is mainly for color measurement and transferring the data into the color matching software. Color matching software will analysis the test result and calculates the best recipes/formula for color matching.


Advantages of Color Matching Software comparing with chemist


1. Simple operation and repaid result : From sample measurement to get recipe, only need about 5-10 minutes.

2. Software can provide different kinds of recipes for the user. The user can choose according to the raw materials cost or raw materials left in warehouse.

3. Software cost is cheaper than hiring more people. One professional chemist with software will be enough for color matching.

4. Recipe get from color matching software is high accuracy and increasing the working efficiency of chemist

5. The color matching quantity is controllable, waste material can also be used for color matching which saves cost.


How to do color matching?


Step 1. We need upload the pigment information and basic material into the software.


color matching software basement


Step 2. Set the base information, measurement condition, color layer thickness, etc. Then measure the sample with spectrophotometer.


color matching software sample



color matching software 2

Color Matching Software


Step 3. After measurement, press “calculation” on software, then software will start to calculate the formula. Software will provide 3 formulas for the user. It will tell what kind of pigment and how much pigment should be used for color matching.


We make the samples according to the recipe and compare the color different value Delta E*ab with the target sample. The color different is very small. The following picture is the result. (The smaller the color difference value is, the smaller the color difference is.) According to the result, we can see sample made according to formula 3 is very close to the target. Delta E*ab 0.17 is very small color difference.


color matching software result


Name Color Difference Value Comparing with Target
Formula 1 Delta E*ab 1.92
Formula 2 Delta E*ab 0.92
Formula 3 Delta E*ab 0.17