Color management of color spectrum color difference meter in hardware products

February 5, 2024
Latest company news about Color management of color spectrum color difference meter in hardware products

Hardware surface color is a variety of, but also through a variety of means of surface color treatment. Not only for the light color is beautiful, more is to achieve surface oxidation protection. The control of the color of the hardware surface has become an essential part of the production process of hardware products. Generally through some special methods to the hardware surface color deployment, such as spray painting processing, electroplating, surface polishing, corrosion processing, etc., are the deployment of hardware surface color.

Through painting processing, you can avoid rust on the surface of the hardware, such as daily necessities, electrical enclosures, crafts, etc., need to be treated with surface color. Electroplating is also the most common metal processing of a processing technology, through modern technology to hardware surface plating, to ensure that products for a long time under the use of mildew does not occur embroidery, electroplating processing common screws, stamping parts, battery pieces, car parts, small accessories and so on. Surface polishing processing is generally more commonly used in daily necessities, through the surface burr treatment of hardware products, the sharp parts of the corners are thrown into a smooth surface, so that it will not cause harm to the human body in the process of use. In addition, the metal die-casting (die-casting is divided into cold pressing and hot pressing), stamping, sand, mold casting and other processes will also change the color of the hardware.

Because the surface of hardware products is relatively rough, and some even have lines, therefore, in the color difference control, it is necessary to use a large-caliber color detection instrument to detect it, so as to detect the object color difference surface more evenly. The color difference detection of hardware materials can better judge the difference between materials, test samples and standard samples, remove unqualified products, and improve product quality.

Due to the particularity of the hardware product itself, the precision requirement of color difference detection is not very high, and the color detection can be realized by using a general large-caliber color difference meter. CS-520 handheld color difference meter independently developed and produced by color spectrum can fully meet the detection needs of hardware surface color. It is a portable computer color difference meter designed by 45°/0° optical geometry structure, which is a large caliber instrument in the current domestic color difference meter, and has a high measurement accuracy.

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The color measurement results of the CS-520 handheld colorimeter simulate human eye observation, but the accuracy is several times higher than the human eye. The CS-520 hand-held colorimeter can effectively eliminate the error between human eye and colorimeter caused by sample surface pattern when judging the threshold of sample color tolerance. Therefore, CS-520 handheld color difference meter is widely used in color QC department.

CS-520 handheld color difference meter can meet the plastic (Biqian, PFFT,PP working flower name 2 section, Eve particle and powder), color steel plate, paint, textile, fluorescent materials, denim medicine, medicine, food and other industries analysis and control the quality of the production process, to help enterprises control product color difference, improve product competitiveness, reduce enterprise losses, control production costs. Therefore, the CS-520 handheld color difference meter is the most suitable for color difference detection of hardware products.