CHNSpec makes it easy to "share colors"

December 20, 2023
Latest company news about CHNSpec makes it easy to "share colors"
You may have heard of shared products and services such as shared bicycles, shared umbrellesand shared bookstores, and even enjoyed such products and services. These are not surprising to you, but have you heard of "shared colors"?
It can be imagined that when the color can be shared, then it will become easy and simple for people to engage in the deployment and control of color. For manufacturers of all walks of life, the control of product color will be simple and convenient. "Sharing color" can be said to be a subversive initiative of precision instruments in color detection.
The appearance of Color difference treasure makes "sharing color" a reality. Today's color difference meter has developed into a more intelligent, digital and accurate color detection instrument after years of improvement and development. The sample color information measured by the color difference meter can be connected to a printer or computer through the instrument to realize real-time sharing of online color information. Provide more professional color solutions.
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You can check the "View Shared color Library" in the "COLORMETER" APP, which is an open and shared color database uploaded by users. You can collect your favorite database, as usual work to find color reference use.
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In addition to sharing colors, Chrominance has a variety of options for sharing colors:
First, color Difference Treasure can share color information through the "ColorMeter" APP. Color information can be shared in the following five formats:
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The second, color difference treasure can connect to the micro printer through the APP Bluetooth, print the sample color information, according to the color information Lab value, color difference, guide color matching, color management. From this point of view, the ColorMeter is more like a copy tool to read color information. By detecting and "grabbing" the color information of the sample, and then connecting to the printer to print the color information, it realizes color information sharing and communication.
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Thirdly, the color difference treasure can also be connected to the computer through the USB port, through the computer can be more accurate to give the absolute value of two colors (L*, a*, b*), color difference data (dL*, da*, db*, dE*), according to the color difference range set by the software, automatically draw the "qualified/unqualified" conclusion. Store color data and various color representations such as data, reflectance curves, color difference maps, statistical trend maps, color blocks, etc. It also includes various color Indices: metachromatic index (MI), whiteness, yellowness, etc., which can realize online sharing of color information between PC terminals. According to the color information, the corresponding color solution is adopted to guide the control of product color difference.
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To sum up, whether through APP, or connecting to a micro printer, or connecting to the PC end, the color difference meter can realize the sharing and sharing of color information, so that color information can be transmitted and communicated in time through paper or digital means, which is very intuitive and convenient. Colorimeter makes it possible to "share color", which is a great convenience for the staff who need color control, so that the color of the product can achieve "copy and paste", the color control of the product has become convenient and feasible, and the colorimeter has therefore been widely used in the control of product color in all walks of life.