How to measure haze?

March 2, 2020
Latest company case about How to measure haze?

How to measure haze?

The haze we refer today is the transmission haze. The greater the haze value means that transparency declines, that is, “seeing is not clear”.


Which industries need measure haze?

Haze and transmittance are important parameters for plastic sheets, functional films, glass, LCD panel and other transparent and semi-transparent materials. These manufacturers need to measure haze and transmittance.


What is haze?

To answer this question, we should firstly know what is transmittance? The following is the haze and transmission formula.

Transmittance / Total Transmittance

Total transmittance is the ratio of transmitted light to the incident light. Its equation is Transmittance= Tt / T1. Tt is the transmitted light (as show in pink color of picture 1). T1 is incident light (as show in the blue color of picture 1).

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Picture 1


Haze : Wide Angle Scattering

According to ASTM definition haze is the percentage of light which passing through deviates from the incident beam greater than 2.5 degree on the average. So haze equation is Haze = Td / Tt.

Td is the scattered light which is greater than 2.5 degree (as show in green color of picture 2) and Tt is the total transmitted light (as show in pink color of picture 1).

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Picture 2

How to measure haze?

Transmission haze is most commonly tested by haze meter. Haze meter can meet both ISO and ASTM standards. We will introduce how to measure haze by CHNSpec Haze Meter TH-100.

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TH-100 Haze Meter



What's the advantages of haze meter TH-100?

√ Easy to operate, one key calibration and test, fast measurement speed

√ Configure Android operating system, better user experience

√ Instrument does not need preheat, as soon as start, it can be used

√ High precision, haze repeatability 0.05, transmittance repeatability 0.1

√ Good user experience, support both horizontal and vertical measurement

√ Economic model to save cost for customer

√ Free QC software to generate test report


For more details of haze meter TH-100, you can refer to the following url


1). Haze Meter TH-100 Working Video


2). TH-100 Haze Meter Accuracy Test Video


CHNSpec Tech is specialized on provide color, gloss and haze measurement solutions. If any future inquiry, you are welcome to contact me for more details.