How to calculate haze

March 9, 2020
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Haze : Wide Angle Scattering


The light before passing through the sample is called incident light, the entire light after passing through the sample is called transmitted light, and the scattered light with a scattering angle greater than 2.5 ° after the transmission sample is called scattered light, haze Is the scattered light than the transmitted light (as show in green color of picture 2) and Tt is the total transmitted light (as show in pink color of picture 1).


So haze equation is Haze = Td / Tt.


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Haze Measuring Instrument


We will introduce how to measure haze by CHNSpec Haze Meter TH-100. It can meet both ISO and ASTM standards.


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TH-100 haze meter


What is the measurement method of TH-100?

This is the light path structure diagram of this haze meter. The light source emits parallel light, passes through the sample and enters the integrating sphere. Part of the transmitted light is parallel light and part is scattered light. A photoelectric sensor is installed on the inner wall of the integrating sphere perpendicular to the parallel beam to obtain the light flux signal. The light trap is used to absorb all the incident light when there is no sample in the test port. The light trap is equipped with a shutter, which is coated with the same high reflectivity coating as the integrating sphere wall. The shutter can be opened and closed as required.

Light trap: When measuring the haze, the light trap will open (because the scattered light will be collected to calculate the haze); when measuring the total transmittance, the light trap will be closed; haze meter TH-100 can be automatically measured, all you have to do is place the sample at the test.


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