Battery Electrolyte Pt-Co Color Measurement

March 14, 2020
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Battery electrolyte

Electrolyte is the "blood" of lithium battery, which plays the role of conducting electrons between the positive and negative electrodes in the battery, and is the guarantee for lithium battery to obtain high voltage and high power and other excellent performance. Electrolyte is generally composed of organic solvent, electrolyte lithium salt, additives, under certain conditions, according to a certain proportion of the configuration.



Pt-Co / Hazen / APHA Color

Pt-Co / Hazen / APHA platinum and cobalt color scale refers to the use of different concentrations of Pt-co solution for chromaticity grading. The concentration ranges from 0-500, also known as Hazen and APHA color scale.


Transmittance color spectrophotometer CS-810 made by CHNSpec Tech can be used to measure the Pt-Co / Hazen / APHA color for battery electrolyte with the following advantages:

1. Measuring range 0-500, accurate measurement

2. Automatic color measurement, no naked eye comparison, saving time and effort;

3. Free computer software that can export and print test reports;

4. Strong acid and alkali liquid protection cover to protect the instrument from corrosion;

5. Equipped with quartz cuvette as standard without fear of battery electrolyte corrosion;