Textile Spectrophotometer Color Measurement CS-820N

September 2, 2019
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We receive more and more inquiry from textile customers to measure fabric, yarn, textile dyeing liquid, etc. Today we will introduce how to measure them by our bench-top spectrophotometer CS-820N.


We will introduce how to measure the color of fabric by textile spectrophotometer CS-820N.


Step 1. Prepare the Fabric Samples


textile spectrophotometer CS-820N

Fabric Samples


Step 2. Measurement and Test Result


1. Do black and white calibration according to the instrument instruction then set instrument setting as follows.

1).Illuminant: D65 2).Standard Observer: 10 degree

3).Reflectance 4). Test Parameter: L*a*b and Delta E

5).Test Mode: SCI


2. Test Method: One sample measure one point to get the test result at single layer.


3. Textile Spectrophotometer CS-820N Test Result


textile yarn spectrophotometer

Target Color Test Result


yarn spectrophotometer

Sample Color Test Result


Name L a b
Target 35.97 43.27 17.78
Sample 36.15 43.54 18.19
Delta Value 0.19 0.27 0.4



From the test result that we can know the color difference between target and sample are Delta E*ab 0.52. It is within the tolerance 1.0, so instrument shows pass.


Besides measuring fabric, textile spectrophotometer can also measure yarn, textile dyeing liquid. The following are the measurement pictures.


fabric spectrophotometer

Yarn Color Measurement


textile benchtop spectrophotometer

Liquid Color Measurement


Portable spectrophotometer can also be used to measure these kinds of materials. The following are the measurement pictures.


table top spectrophotometer

Yarn Color Measurement


color spectrophotometer

Fabric Color Measurement


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