Luster basic knowledge principle and testing instrument

January 5, 2024
Latest company news about Luster basic knowledge principle and testing instrument

latest company news about Luster basic knowledge principle and testing instrument  0

Gloss test principle

Glossometer mainly measures the glossiness/reflectance of the surface of an object.
The gloss is calculated by reflecting the incidence Angle of the light source back to the corresponding Angle receiver. The gloss unit is GU
Generally divided into: single Angle: 60° measurement
Multi-angle: 20°, 60°, 85° three-angle measurement

What is light spot: Measuring the area of light emitted during the hole test, not measuring the hole size.


Roughness and gloss misunderstanding

The difference between roughness and gloss


Surface roughness refers to the small spacing of the machined surface and the unevenness of the small peaks and valleys. The distance (wave distance) between the two peaks or two troughs is very small (below 1mm), and it belongs to the microscopic geometry error. The smaller the surface roughness, the smoother the surface.


Surface roughness and surface finish are the same concept, and surface finish is another name for surface roughness. There are corresponding comparison tables for surface finish and surface roughness.


Surface roughness meter Surface roughness measurement using roughness meter (size detection instrument) detection;

The surface glossiness is the strength of the diffuse reflection of the object surface to the light, which can be measured by the surface glossiness. Surface gloss To the naked eye, the surface diffuse reflection is strong, it is closer to the mirror effect, then the gloss is high, on the contrary, the surface diffuse reflection is weak, then the gloss is low, so the gloss is also called mirror gloss.


Handheld gloss meter

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                                CS-300 single Angle gloss meter                                                            CS-300S microporous gloss meter       

                                        Test diameter 2*3mm                                                                                Test diameter 2*3mm


Gloss units and national standards


What is the unit of gloss?

In China, our general saying is how much gloss is, for example, the gloss is 60 degrees, it can be understood as a gloss of 60GU or 60%.
What does GU stand for? Gloss meter unit we call the Gloss unit, the international practice symbol is expressed as GU, is the acronym of gloss unit, according to the provisions of JIs standard, gloss unit can be written as a percentage sign or number, the domestic gloss meter generally measured range is 0~ 200GU~ 1000GU.


National standards for gloss:
一、gloss meter 20° reference standard: DIN-67530, ISO-2813, ASTM-D2457 GB 9754, GB 8807, ISO-8254, ASTM-D523, which is mainly used for high gloss ink, paint, paper, plastic, stone, light casting coated paper and so on.


二、gloss meter 60° reference standard: ISO-2813, DIN-6750, ASTM-D2457, ASTM-C584, ASTM-D523, GB 9754, GB 8807, GB 9966 It is mainly used for medium gloss coated paper, marble, ceramics, paint, ink, plastic and so on.


三、gloss meter 85° reference standard: ISO-2813, DIN-67530, ASTM-D523 GB9754 It is mainly used for camouflage coating, low gloss paint and so on.


Handheld gloss meter difference

Gloss meter is generally distinguished by the test Angle,
Spot size, range differentiation


产品型号 CS-380 CS-300 CS-300S  
测量角度 20°、60°、85° 60° 60°  




60°:9*15 60°:2*3  
测量量程 20°:0-2000GU60°:0-1000GU85°:0-160GU 60°:0-1000GU 60°:0-600GU  
分辨率 0.1GU 0.1GU 0.1GU  
测量模式 简单模式、标样与试样测量模式 简单模式、标样与试样测量模式 简单模式、标样与试样测量模式  
测量重复精度 0-100GU:0.2GU100-2000GU:0.2%GU





测量准确性 满足JJG 696一级工作光泽度仪要求 满足JJG 696一级工作光泽度仪要求 满足JJG 696一级工作光泽度仪要求  
测量时间 小于1s 小于1s 小于1s  
数据存储 可存储100条标样,10000条试样 可存储100条标样,10000条试样 可存储100条标样,10000条试样  
尺寸(mm) 165*51*77(长*宽*高) 165*51*77(长*宽*高) 165*51*77(长*宽*高)  
重量 约400g 约400g 约400g  
语言 简体中文、英语 简体中文、英语 简体中文、英语  
电池电量 3000mAh锂电池 3000mAh锂电池 3000mAh锂电池  
接口 USB、蓝牙(可选) USB、蓝牙(可选) USB、蓝牙(可选)  
上位机软件 包括 包括 包括  
工作温度 0-40℃ 0-40℃ 0-40℃  
湿度 小于85%,不结露 小于85%,不结露 小于85%,不结露  
配件 5V/2A充电器、USB数据线、说明书、光盘、校正标准板、计量认证证书 5V/2A充电器、USB数据线、说明书、光盘、校正标准板、计量认证证书 5V/2A充电器、USB数据线、说明书、光盘、校正标准板