Interior decoration wallpaper produces color difference control

November 21, 2023
Latest company news about Interior decoration wallpaper produces color difference control

Using wallpaper to decorate the interior is currently a more popular kind of decoration, this decoration is not dry and fashion sense. However, the use of wallpaper for interior decoration, sometimes it is easy to produce color difference, which is very normal, it is because of the existence of color difference that the interior space has a distinct sense of hierarchy, to achieve the ideal effect. However, when the color difference exceeds a certain limit, it does not meet people's wishes, and at this time, the color difference needs to be adjusted.


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To solve the color difference problem caused by wallpaper in interior decoration, we must first understand the causes of color difference in order to provide targeted solutions. In summary, the causes of color difference are roughly as follows:
1, the color difference of natural materials: such as the color difference of natural materials such as straw, paper and cloth fiber itself, this color difference is inevitable, and it is not a product quality problem.
2, the color difference caused by the manufacturing process: such as temperature and humidity changes, paper base thickness, density, water absorption, production batches, equipment maintenance and other reasons, may also lead to color differences.
3. Color difference caused by improper construction: such as wet cloth wiping wallpaper fading;The scratch plate scratches the joint black, the glue overflows and causes the joint white and a white edge.
4, other reasons such as light, Angle, light source, human eye judgment and other subjective factors, resulting in wallpaper color difference in the decoration process.
After knowing the reasons for the color difference caused by the use of wallpaper decoration, you can take appropriate measures to control the color difference for the above reasons.
1. Understand clearly in advance when selecting wallpaper to reduce the aesthetic color difference problem of wallpaper in the later period.
2. Before construction, cut three upper walls to see if there is an obvious color difference problem. If the color difference is not obvious, it is safe to use, and otherwise coordinate with the business.
3, a good horse with a good saddle, the purchase of wallpaper must be wallpaper color inspection to avoid quality problems.
4, wallpaper scraping moderate strength, before the construction must pay attention to wall treatment, wallpaper in the construction, must be gradual, do not be impatient.
The above color difference problem, you can use the color difference meter to detect the wallpaper color difference, generally see L, a, b three values, which respectively represent black and white, red green, yellow and blue, only the color difference value in a certain range (tolerance value) is qualified, the operation is simple and convenient.
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The interior decoration of the house is closely related to personal aesthetic taste, and the use of color difference meter to effectively check the color difference of the wallpaper can quickly and efficiently create the indoor effect you want. Especially for some color difference is not obvious but there are color differences in the wallpaper, only through the color difference meter can detect the color difference between the wallpaper, more accurate and efficient to assist the entire process of wallpaper decoration.