How does a color spectrometer control color difference

October 13, 2023
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The more advanced spectral type of the color difference meter, that is, we often say that the spectral color difference meter, this instrument contains an optical element that can be used for spectral dispersion.


The spectrophotometer generally uses prisms, grating, interference filters, adjustable or discontinuous series of monochromatic light sources to achieve spectrophotometry, and then analyzes single color information according to the principle of dispersion to achieve color numbers. The spectrophotometer can display chrominance information according to the chrominance space set inside and the calculation formula, and output it in digital form. In addition, the spectrophotometer can also analyze the underlying spectral data information based on the colorimetric data.


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We know that ultraviolet light is not in the visible spectrum and cannot be captured and observed by the naked eye, but it can affect the change of color. There is an ultraviolet resolution spectrophotometer used to measure chroma, which allows for more accurate color analysis.
However, now more manufacturers like to use color measuring components to complete this measurement, the component can help measure more product color information, while the accuracy can be guaranteed, but the component is easier to adjust the internal technology of the light color difference meter, but also reduces the manufacturing cost of the instrument, so that more manufacturers can afford to use.
Spectrophotometer is designed for visual colorimetric data comparison and simulation, and is an important auxiliary tool for computer color matching, which can help major manufacturers to complete the analysis, processing and monitoring of spectral and colorimetric information. In the use of luminous color difference meter, it will involve a key data equation - color tolerance equation, which is actually the tolerance range we usually say, in industrial batch generation, there is a tolerance to control the product and qualified situation, both fast and reasonable.
To measure the color difference between products and control the ordinary color difference meter is the same, we must first measure the information of the standard sample product, and then measure the color information of the sample, and obtain the color difference data by comparison. In fact, color measurement and color management are the same overall, but the spectrophotometer is more accurate and more comprehensive.