Color Spectrophotometer for Meat L*a*b Measurement

September 20, 2018
Latest company news about Color Spectrophotometer for Meat L*a*b Measurement

Recently, we get customer inquiry for measuring color of meat by spectrophotometer, today we will introduce how to measure and which instrument is suitable and why need to measure it.


1. Why need to measure the color of meat?


Color is one of the most important quality index for meat. The color of meat generally changes slightly with time, and consumers often associate the "appropriate" color of meat with the quality and freshness of the meat. For example: fresh tuna has a ruddy color, but this red color will decompose with the storage time, causing the color to darken. We can determine the freshness of this fish by measuring its color.



2. What are the measurement methods to measure the color of meat?


If check it by human eyes, it will take longer time and energy to get the result . And test result get by human eyes is subjective.


There is another method, color of meat can be determined by measuring the pigment content inside it, but this method will need a lot of time and chemical reagent.


Spectrophotometer will be the best measurement method. After measurement, the meat color value can be directly seen on the instrument.


3. How to measure the color of meat by spectrophotometer?



Measurement Condition


1. Mode: Reflectance 2. Light Source and Angle: D65/10 degree

3. Parameters need to Measure: color value CIE L*a*b or Hunter L*a*b. (CIE L*a*b is the most commonly used color index for measurement of meat. )

4. Instrument: Spectrophotometer with glass sealed aperture



Test Method


1. Put the instrument directly on the chicken meat, press test then we can get the test result directly on the instrument screen.


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After measurement, we can get the following test result.

Sample Name L a b
Chicken Meat 47.73 23.69 15.71


If any color measurement inquiry, you are welcome to contact us for more details. We will help to recommend the most suitable instrument for customers.