Haze Meter Instrument TH-100 Advantage Introduction

August 14, 2019
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Haze meter instrument TH-100 made by CHNSpec Tech is designed for plastic sheets, films, glasses, LCD panel, touch screen and other transparent and semi-transparent materials haze and transmittance measurement. Th-100 haze meter does not need warm-up during test which saves customer's time.


Haze Meter instrument TH-100 Advantages


1). It conforms to international standards ASTM D 1003,ISO 13468,ISO 14782, JIS K 7361 and JIS K 7136.


2). Three kinds of light sources A,C and D65 for haze and total transmittance measurement.


3). It can realize transmittance compensation measurement which can provide higher accuracy test result.


4). Open measurement area, no limit on sample size.


5). Instrument is with 5.0 inches TFT display screen with good human-computer interface.


6). It can realize both horizontal and vertical measurement to measure different kinds of materials.


7). It adopts LED light source whose lifetime can reach 10 years.

8). No need to do warm-up, after instrument is calibrated, it can be used. And measurement time is only 3 seconds.

9). Small size and light weight which makes it much easier to carry.


Haze Meter TH-100 Packing List



Qty. Name Qty. Name
1 Main Instrument 1 Power Adaptor
1 Operating Manual 1 USB Cable
1 Haze QC Software 1 Calibration Tile
1 Packing List 1 Warranty Card



CHNSpec Tech provides whole solution for haze and transmittance measurement. We have the following products to meet customer’s different measurement requirement.