Car Refinish Paint Spectrophotometer Find Similar Color and Formula

August 14, 2019
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Car paint color will be greatly affected by the viewing angle and environment light and the brightness of the color will change when viewing from different angles.


CS-392 three angles spectrophotometer combine multi functions into one instrument. It can be used not only to measure color but also to measure graininess.


CS-392 is specialized designed for car paint color measure. It can be used to measure car paint reflectance and color at three angles 15, 45 and 110 degree.


Today we will introduce its application for car paint spectrophotometer to find similar color and formula.


Application- who will need this system?

The car refinish paint manufacturer


How does this system help them?

The car refinish paint manufacturer already have their color formula, they need a system to store them. The car paint manufacturer can upload their color formula into the PC software to store the color name and color formula.


Who will use this system?

The car refinish paint manufacturer will sell or provide the spectrophotometer and software to the car repair shop or car service shop to help them to find the formula fast and accurate.


Why does the car paint manufacturer need this system?

The large paint manufacturer AkzoNobel, Axalta,etc, they are using and providing this system to their paint distributors and this system helps them increase their paint sales amount. This system helps to make color matching into a simple work.


I will introduce how this system works now.


1. Customer need upload their paint information into the PC software. I will explain how to do it.


We will use spectrophotometer CS-392 to connect with the software. Then measure the painted plates (as show in the picture) to upload the color name, color formula, Lab value of the painted plated and other information into the color formula software.


Painted Plates with Known Formula

(car refinish paint manufacturer has their own plates)


Measure Painted Plates by Spectrophotometer



Input Color Formula into PC Software


2. After all color information is saved, we can start to search color formula. Connect instrument with PC software. CS-392 is with Bluetooth function which makes connection much easier.



3. Measure the sample and find similar color and formula. We can also see how much the color difference is between the sample and formula.


Measure the Sample


Formula Get from the Software


Formula Details


Color Difference between Sample and Formula


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