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Online Color Spectrophotometer Application Introduction

July 26, 2019

china latest news about Online Color Spectrophotometer Application Introduction

Recently, we made test for our online color spectrophotometer CRX-51 in our customer’s factory. The customer is making plastic films and tapes, etc. The following are the pictures of the customer’s sample.



Plastic Films



Plastic Tapes


The customer wants to control the color quality control for their tapes during the production time. So they require online color spectrophotometer to help them. The following are the installation pictures of our instrument on their production line.

CRX-51 Online Color Spectrophotometer


Online Color Spectrophotometer Installation 1


Online Color Spectrophotometer Installation 2


We provide free PC software to connect the online color spectrophotometer with PC to show test result, generate and print test report for factory to analysis the data of their sample to realize real-time color quality control. (The PC software test report format can be custom made according to customer’s requirement. )


PC Software


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